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Trauma is Prevalent

50% of the population of the U.S. has experienced at least 1 traumatic event in their life time.

Whether you are a student, mental health professional, coffee barista, physician, lawyer, friend, sibling, parent, or just hanging out, you know someone with or have experienced trauma yourself.

Traditional approaches focus only on symptom management NOT Resolution

Traditionally, there is little to no patient education in talk therapy or encouragement of patients taking ownership of their mental health.

This is because the majority of educational programs for mental health providers do not include neurobiology, trauma studies, physiology, nervous system studies or an understanding of somatization. This means most therapists do not have a context for how the mind manifests physically both within the body nor the brain itself.

The FNPI approach transforms Trauma healing

By harnessing the brain's ability to drive focal momentum into pattern change and creation

FNPI encourages you to exercise your innate capacity for integration. This inner healing intelligence helps us to strengthen self-agency and emotional resilience. By fostering a strong sense of self you can take ownership of your power of choice and design the life you want. There is life beyond symptoms.

Anyone ready to make change happen in their lives. Or you can relate to any one of the items below:

  • You're not too sure about jumping into therapy with a provider, yet, but would like a place to start.

  • You are very eager to get the therapy process going, but can't yet afford the weekly cost.

  • Your loved one is going through Therapy and you would like to have a better understanding of the process and how to support.

  • You have no idea what type of therapy may work for you and don't know where to start.

  • You have just gone through, or are still recovering from a difficult life event, such as: a car accident, divorce, loss, grief, major life transitions, difficult relationships, or seem to have repeating or looping problems

  • You seem to have repetitive difficult experinces, such as: every person you date feels familiar and you usually end up in the same type of difficult relationship, you feel like the same bad things happen at every job every time, you have the same conflict with friends or family over and over again.

  • You feel different or separate from others, because you feel unheard, unseen, and not understood.

  • You feel like you lack connection, and it feels like you don't know how to interact with others or read the "cues."

  • You have experinced and are ready to work through a big or serious Traumatic Event.

  • You want to work through the impact of a difficult upbringing.

CEO & CMO: Naturopathic Physician

Alina Soto, ND, LMHC

Dr. Alina Soto is Owner and Founder of Terra Dusa & the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth. A Naturopathic Holistic Mental Healthcare Provider with a specialty in Trauma & Traumatic Stress. Their approach to education is similar to their approach to medicine, they believe in teaching students and patients to build tools & forward momentum so they can be an active participant in their healing. The choice to embrace change is the key to integrative growth.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Terms & Conditions for the Course

    • A message from your instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Materials

    • Before we begin...

    • HHERN: Symptoms of Interest Survey

    • ACEs Survey

  • 2

    Intro to Focal Neurocognitive and Physioemotional Integration (FNPI)

    • What is FNPI?

    • The Multiple Facets of Mental Health

    • How does this approach apply to trauma?

    • Goal Setting

    • Bonus Lesson! (Finding your Focus Sensation)

    • Final Project!

  • 3

    The Active Progress Spiral

    • At a Glance

    • Challenges

    • Survival & Safety

    • Big Picture Observation

    • Taking Action

    • Breaking Deja Vu

    • BONUS: Putting it Together

    • Final Project!

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