Welcome to the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth

An Educational Space focused on Mental Health

Change is real, and attainable. My Academy will provide you with tools to better the quality of your mental health. Courses will be based off my foundational approach: Focal Neurocognitive and Physioemotional Integration. Learn to harness your power of choice and nourish your differentiated self to resolve your mental health challenges.
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Courses Desgined with an Effective and Innovative Approach

Focal Neurocognitive & Physioemotional Integration

Learn to apply a new way of thinking about Mental Health and the root of symptoms so you can take charge of your healing journey, fearlessly. Dr. Soto's approach is also the foundation for the Terra Dusa Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Series

Why choose to take our courses?

We cultivate choice, and care about a lasting impact.

  1. Self-applied therapy can be a powerful stepping stone towards change.

  2. Our courses teach you what to, how to, and when to apply it.

  3. We know that resolution IS possible and a "brain-chemical imbalance" is a myth.

  4. Our courses are designed to Empower YOU to create profound transformative change in your mental health.

  5. We strive to educate towards growth rather than dependency on an outside source for your healing.

  6. Courses can be easy to share with your loved ones so everyone is on the same page when it comes to growth and mental health.

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Terra Dusa offers a variety of services, including Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Having a hard time finding a good therapist, or even thinking about trying? No Problem!

Self-therapy can be a powerful stepping stone.

Accessibility is  complex to achieve. There are many nuances when it comes to providing care, but also when it comes to potential patient readiness to accept care.

Accessibility is sometimes limited by readiness, ability, understanding, or even awareness of resources. This means we need more steps to build a bridge between person in-need and provider. And guess what? It doesn't always have to be face to face.

Launching Telehealth in 2019 allowed me the experince of providing care to persons in-need of mental health services, who otherwise never would have left their homes. The reasoning and ability varied, but Telehealth provided a bridge for accessibility. 

Sometimes, meeting or building a connection with any provider IS the challenge. Which can be riddled with social nuance. Yes, providers can be guilty of withholding information, creating a power dynamic that feels uncomfortable to both sides. I seek to break this cycle and create a new dynamic. I choose to see and trust my patients as able. Therefore share what I know and find ways to provide clear, digestible information regardless of education gap. Knowledge is the power to change your situation for yourself. I am just a guide. You are the one with the power to transform your life. This is the idea behind the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth. Learn about therapy and apply it for yourself. Doing so, creates an understanding of value through experince--AND a better idea of what you may want out of a therapeutic connection or even therapist skill set and traits. 

Nurturing your power of choice is what allows you to define your sense of self and decide how you would like to move forward and design your life. Without a certain level of it, the decision to seek further therapeutic help, such as being with a provider face to face, will be difficult. Or even impossible. A provider doesn't have the answer--YOU DO. In order for your time with your chosen provider to be the most effective, this understanding is IMPERATIVE. 

I've designed this resource to accomplish just that, highlight your power of choice.

See you in class!

-Dr. Soto

CEO & CMO: Naturopathic Physician

Alina Soto, ND, LMHC

Dr. Alina Soto is Owner and Founder of Terra Dusa & the Terra Dusa Academy for Integrative Growth. A Naturopathic Holistic Mental Healthcare Provider with a specialty in Trauma & Traumatic Stress. Their approach to education is similar to their approach to medicine, they believe in teaching students and patients to build tools & forward momentum so they can be an active participant in their healing. The choice to embrace change is the key to integrative growth.

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